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Cuppa anyone?



Coffee time just got easier for Lynne and Terry from Port Macquarie - who love how light and easy their new Uccello Tipping Kettle is to use for all ages - but they especially love how safe it is with young Grandkids running around. 

Having first seen the Uccello Tipping Kettle when they answered the call to be a part of the new Vital TV ad late last year, they were so taken with it that Terry was quick to put one under the Christmas Tree as a surprise for Lynne (together with a One Touch can opener) and quickly became husband of the year for his genious! The kettle's sleek design, the ease at which the kettle fills and boils, and most importantly being able to control the flow of boiling water at the touch of a finger are the biggest selling factors for them.

"We have older Grandchildren who love a cup of tea, and we can let them use it. And we have younger Grandkids who love to help her do what the older kids do and thanks to the design, we know they cant get themselves into any trouble. We love it and recommend it to all of our friends"!  

Thanks Lynne and Terry - now what time should we pop around for a cuppa?