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Sleep like a baby!

Sleep like a baby!

Another Vital Living client who answered the call to be in our TV ad was the very charismatic Patrick, who is a longtime patron of our Taree Showroom.

He and Dolly, our Sales Legend go way back and having recently purchased a motorised scooter, Patrick was super interested in learning about other products that could help make his day-to-day life easier, so Dolly started with the iCare bed and Patrick was in love. He said that he had never been so comfortable and was in no hurry to get up lol - and until he came in to be a TV star - he hadn't realised how much he needed the iCare bed in his life!

Dolly explained to Patrick that the iCare range of hospital beds combine comfort with safety to offer a great solution for people who need a bed that adjusts like a hospital bed, but don’t want their bedroom to look like a hospital room. There are a range of options, accessories and sizes available when you buy an iCare bed, so it can be customised to the specific needs of every user. An iCare hospital bed is a great support for people who need long periods of bedrest or a bit of extra help getting into and out of bed.

We have iCare beds ready to trial in the Taree, Port and Forster showrooms, and they are available to purchase and hire, so feel free to drop in any time and check them out!