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Whilst we have a fully equipped maintenance depertment for repairs and servicing all things mobility, some times customers come in with small problems such as brake issues that they may or may not be aware of - which of course need to be tended to immediately.

We want to make sure the equipment our clients are using are safe and sometimes 5 minutes is all it takes to tighten a brake cable or tighten a couple of loose nuts and bolts.

If it’s an easy fix we try and fix these on the spot. If its a service or something that may require some spare parts then we will schedule the service in at a convenient time for the client.

In this instance Christopher was working against the clock as he had a client arrive with his rollator in a taxi and because the meter was running - Christopher grabbed his tools and sorted the problem on the spot.

A happy (and safe) client and a happy carer... it doesn't get much better than that!