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When Sue met Honey

When Sue met Honey

Sue recently faced the inevitable decision of putting her dog Coco, long term companion of 16 years, to peaceful rest. Sue lives by herself and is a long time sufferer of depression and anxiety. The loss of Coco has been emotionally traumatic for her to say the least, and separation anxiety specifically is a syndrome that Sue has lived with since her childhood.

As with the experience of many families, there was apprehension about suggesting to Sue that she might consider owning an interactive companion pet. Their approach in asking her to consider such an idea was very measured and cautious. Sue has several physical ailments that would hinder her ability to take on another pet such as a kitten or puppy. With poor balance she is unable to bend over with confidence, and suffering from severe arthritis in her hands and fingers is another hindrance in terms of pet care. Transport to a vet and those related bills were also factors that needed to be considered.

To the family's very pleasant surprise Sue was open minded to the idea, and they showed her some information by visiting the Vital Living website. It was the interactive cat that took Sue's immediate interest, and she watched a video produced by the manufacturer of these lovely companions; you can view this content from Joy For All by clicking here.

When the family gifted Sue her new companion pet it truly was love at first sight, with the interactive cat being named Honey not long out of the packaging. Watch this to see her reaction and engagement with Honey.

The therapeutic benefits of owning an interactive companion pet are undeniable. Have a look online at our Interactive Cat and Interactive Pup, and then head into a showroom at Port Macquarie, Taree or Forster to meet these engaging pets and experience the interaction!