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Options Available for iCare Beds

iCare Hospital Beds are Hi-Lo adjustable with head lift, knee break and Trendelenburg positions available across all size options, which include single, king single, double and queen. Visco mattresses are available separately in 15cm, 20cm and 25cm thickness. These beds are designed to look like a home bed, not a hospital bed, so you can purchase any of the bases in your choice of colour between stone and onyx. To complete the home bed look, you can also get an iCare Adjustable Headboard in either colour across all sizes.

Other aids that can be attached to an iCare hospital bed include:

Side Rails: Side rails are a great way to add a bit of extra safety as they help prevent falls and provide extra assistance getting into and out of bed, allowing people with mobility issues some added independence. There are many different options for side rails, including high, low and full length. We can also provide bed sticks and poles for additional support.

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