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Bedpans and Urinals

Vital Living offers bedpans and urinals that can be used by elderly and disabled people at home, hospitals and aged care facilities. We’re proud to stock the very best products for our customers, allowing them to relieve themselves within close proximity to the bed. We have both urinals and bedpans for men and women as well as bedside urinal holders for easy accessibility.

Our male and female bedpans & urinals are especially useful in cases of incontinence. They can increase the confidence of the person and decrease their fear of involuntary urination or bowel movements. They can also help to maintain health and hygiene by preventing rashes, skin irritation, moisture, infection and other problems related to involuntary leakages by giving the user quick access to a tool with which to relieve themselves without the physical effort involved.

Our disposable bedpans and urinals can be cleaned with soapy, warm water and an antibacterial spray for future use. This makes them a cost-effective solution that can be reused over and over again.

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For help choosing from our range of bedpans and urinals, contact Vital Living today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about our products and how they can help to improve lives.

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