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Limited Mobility Equipment

If you have limited mobility, Vital Living can help you lead a more comfortable and self-sufficient life with our range of high-quality mobility equipment. Our selection caters to varying needs and preferences, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect solution to enhance their daily lives. From assisted living products such as reaching aids to disability driving aids and more, we have no shortage of quality mobility aids to choose from.

A Mobility Aid for All Needs

Our range of mobility assistance devices includes:

  • Indoor rollators that provide stability and support within the confines of one’s home
  • Night lights that illuminate pathways in low-light conditions to improve safety
  • Walking sticks that offer a reliable means of maintaining balance
  • Bariatric crutches that accommodate individuals with higher weight requirements
  • Bed rails that provide additional support for those with mobility challenges during sleep

Our mobility aid range also includes a variety of accessories, such as flannel straps, shower mats and leg lifters that are designed to facilitate personal hygiene and safe movement. We additionally stock a range of long-handled combs, dressing sticks and bottom wipers that promote self-care while maintaining autonomy and dignity. We can also provide adaptive mobility device tools such as rope ladder bed hoists, toe washers, long-handled hairbrushes, grabber and pick up aids for elderly and disabled individuals, and more.

Enquire Today

For help choosing from our range of mobility equipment, contact Vital Living today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about our products and how they can help to improve lives.