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Stroke Recovery Products

Vital Living proudly offers high-quality stroke recovery products designed to help people who have suffered from a stroke. We have a comprehensive range of useful tools that can make daily tasks easier, increase your sense of comfort and independence, and boost confidence. Whether you need stroke recovery hand equipment or other devices, we’ve got you covered.

Rehabilitation Equipment

When it comes to stroke rehab equipment and mobility assistance, Vital Living can provide indoor rollators and walking sticks that help users regain stability and navigate daily environments. We also offer shower stools and shower mats that can help individuals go about their daily hygiene routines with greater safety, comfort and peace of mind. In addition, we stock flannel straps, leg lifters, dressing sticks and other home stroke rehab equipment to facilitate a smoother rehabilitation process.

Supportive Aids & Tools

Vital Living recognises the importance of creating a supportive living environment. Our touch lamps, night lights and booklights ensure that lighting is always easily accessible, while our insulated mugs ensure users can enjoy a warm beverage independently. Our jar openers, can openers and bottle openers also offer a practical solution for regaining control over kitchen activities.

Our stroke recovery equipment additionally encompasses various personal care items, such as long-handled combs, sock aids, toe washers, bottom wipers, over toilet frames and more, allowing for intimate needs to be addressed with dignity and ease.

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For help choosing from our range of stroke recovery products, contact Vital Living today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about our products and how they can help to improve lives.