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Discover YOUR Freedom, Discover GlassOuse

GlassOuse Headset

1 x GlassOuse Headset
2 x Bite Click Silicone Covers
2 x Ear Holders
1 x USB Charging Cable

 Free shipping Aus-Wide for all GlassOuse Headsets
Bite Click Replacement Cover (10 pack)

10 x Bite Click Silicone Covers


GlassOuse Features

Compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux, and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth
Ergonomic & lightweight weighs only 50 grams, and designed to provide efficiency and comfort
Wideangle viewing with 160° and 180° horizontal angle precision. Involves 9 Axis gyroscopes
Sensitivity adjustments with 3 different sensitivity options to catch every movement
Smart battery enters sleep mode automatically and wakes up quickly. Battery lasts up to 10 days
Hygienic and safe to use with CE and RoHS certifications

How To Use GlassOuse

Connect GlassOuse to your device via Bluetooth
When the cursor appears on the screen, move your head to move the cursor
silicone bite
Bite the silicone bite click
to make a click