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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use GlassOuse?

1.   Connect GlassOuse to your device via Bluetooth
2.   When the cursor appears on the screen, move your head to move the cursor READ MORE

3.   Bite the silicone bite click to make a click SHOW LESS

What devices is GlassOuse compatible with?

GlassOuse is compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux, and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth.

Is GlassOuse available for Apple devices?

Unfortunately GlassOuse is not currently compatible with iPhones, iPods or Mac computers. We are working on this feature.

Where can I buy GlassOuse?

GlassOuse can be purchased online through Vital Living. We ship Australia-wide. You can also purchase through the Vital Living retail stores in Port Macquarie, Taree, or Forster, NSW. See locations here.

Why is my GlassOuse cursor not stable?

If the cursor moves abnormally (e.g. vibration, sliding), calibration is recommended. Calibration is also advisable before first use. It should take a maximum of three minutes to complete the entire process. To calibrate GlassOuse: READ MORE

  1. Make the Bluetooth connection with your device. 
  2. Press the “Reset” button.
  3. Put GlassOuse on a flat, steady table. The “Click” cable should be in a suspended position.
  4. During calibration, the LED will alternate between blue and red for about 1 second at a time. When the red colour is sustained, the calibration is completed, and you can start using the device. SHOW LESS

My GlassOuse has gone to sleep. How do I wake it up?

Because Glassouse has battery saver mode, your device may go to sleep to extend battery life and not disturb you while you are watching films or listening to music. GlassOuse enters “Sleep” mode if the “Click” is not pressed for 3 minutes. You can “click” to wake GlassOuse up.

How can I click on something with GlassOuse?

You can use bite click to make a click. You can use your teeth or lips. Bite click is antibacterial and has RoHS certification. We suggest you use 3rd party free software such as ClickAid or Point-n-Click to make a ‘right click’ and scroll on your PC.

How can I change the sensitivity?

You can set the sensitivity in two ways: Navigate to the device’s “Menu > Settings >Controls >Language and Access > Mouse/trackpad > Marking speed” and set the desired cursor speed or you can easily set cursor speed in PC. READ MORE

Using the GlassOuse unit:

  1. Press the “Click” and “Reset” buttons at the same time.
  2. First, release the “Reset” button. After that, release the “Click” button. The LED should begin to flash red.
  3. Select the desired pointer speed (slow, medium, or fast) by pressing the “Click” button according to the speed of the red LED light. On the “slow” setting, the LED will flash slowly. On the “medium” setting, it will flash faster, and on the “fast” setting, it will flash the fastest.
  4. After making your choice, press “Reset” and activate GlassOuse. SHOW LESS