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GlassOuse allows you to use and control technology with just head movements. It's a new innovation making computers, tablets, and mobiles accessible to individuals with no or limited arm and hand function. GlassOuse connects with most Bluetooth devices and takes seconds to setup, making it the easy solution to access and use technology.

Regain your independence now! Browse, click, type, and draw with GlassOuse! Order now through Vital Living.

Here’s how it works

Connect GlassOuse to your device via Bluetooth
Compatible with most devices
Navigate using head movements. Click by biting the Bite Click
Browse, click, type and draw
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Why GlassOuse?

  •  Easy to use, setup in under 60 seconds
  •  Compatible with most systems
  •  Hygienic and safe
  •  Long battery life, up to 10 days

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Transforming lives

Disability Computer Technology & Mobility Impaired Computer
Luke S

Well known DJ using GlassOuse
Disability Computer Technology
Caner C

Famous blogger and seller using GlassOuse
Assistive Computer Technology & Use Computer Without Arms
Steve O

Pursues his passion for painting with GlassOuse

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