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“GlassOuse was created to help individuals connect, communicate, and pursue their passions!”

Disability Computer Technology & Mobility Impaired Computer
Luke S, Well known DJ using GlassOuse

Luke lost his mobility in a car accident. After years of struggling to use technology, Luke discovered GlassOuse and is now able to work as a DJ with the help of GlassOuse!

Disability Computer Technology
Caner C, Famous blogger and seller using GlassOuse

Caner had a serious spinal injury which left him immobilized and bedridden. With the help of GlassOuse, he is now able to use computers and is a famous blogger.

Assistive Computer Technology & Use Computer Without Arms
Steve O, Pursues his passion for painting with GlassOuse

Steve has a passion for painting, however, he was unable to use his hands. Through the use of GlassOuse, he can once again pursue his career of painting and creating artwork without the use of his hands.

Foster Andersen:

"As soon as I put on the GlassOuse I was instantly gratified by how well it worked and easy it was to use. The cursor moves as I move my head and clicking down on the mouthpiece allows me to double click to change screens. I am very, very satisfied with this device and hope others will find out as I did!"

A happy caregiver:

"Dwayne loves his glasses, they have empowered him to research about ALS and have a normal life!"