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Dressing Aids & Reaching Aids

Getting dressed, picking up something off the ground or reaching for something high on a shelf can be difficult at the best of times. That’s why Vital Living supplies customers with helpful dressing aids and reaching aids to make day-to-day tasks safe and manageable. With high-quality products that make it easier to put on clothes, shoes and stockings, sit up in bed, comb or brush hair, and perform other daily tasks, we make sure you have everything you need to help improve your life and maintain your mobility and independence.

Our Range of Solutions

We provide a large range of high-quality dressing aids and reaching aids, including: 

  • Adjustable bed and chair raisers to make standing up and sitting down easier
  • Rope ladder bed hoist to pull the user up in bed with hand-over-hand movements
  • Dressing sticks to pull on or push off garments that can’t be reached easily
  • King button hooks for one-handed dressing
  • Long handled combs to help you reach behind your head if you can’t raise your arm
  • Sock aids for elderly and disabled people who find it difficult to bend and reach their feet
  • Leg lifters with which to move immobile legs when dressing or transferring
  • Non-slip Gripsox for people with balance issues to reduce the risk of slipping and falling

We also stock long shoe horns and shoe helpers for putting on and removing shoes, doffers to help with removing compression stockings, long handle hairbrushes and more.

Enquire Today

Browse our range reaching aids and dressing aids for disabled and elderly people, then Click & Collect in-store to save some time! Or pop in to visit our friendly, knowledgeable staff at our Port Macquarie, Forster, Taree or Kempsey Showrooms and they can answer any questions you may have about our range of independent living products.

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