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Eric's perfect chair

We had a great day at Vital Living today. We matched a client with their perfect lift chair recliner. It was love at first sight and it doesnt get much better than that! 

We were so thrilled to be able to help our long term clients Eric and Faye from Kendall upgrade their lift chair today.

Eric has been content in his second hand chair now for many years, and it has sered him very well. But for one reason or anther this week Eric was finally ready to say goodbye to his old mate and came into the Port Macquarie store not sure what he was really looking for.
And our advice was simple. "Sit down, put your feet up and get a feel for the chairs". It's not new advice by any means - because if you have ever sat down on a lift chair before, when you know - you just know. Every lift chair fits a different way, supports a different body part and offers a different level of comfort. So like Goldilocks did in the three bears, Eric sat in maybe half a dozen chairs that were comfortable , but not quite right. And he sat in the

chair and refuse d to get back up again. He was so comortable that he even asked for a pillow and a blanket so he could take a nap...

Thankfully the team can deliver Eric's chair this week, so the catnapping can begin in the comfort of his loungeroom!

We love what we do - and we'd love to help you find your perfect fit!

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