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For the peace of mind of our customers, everyone entering our showrooms, and all those accepting deliveries directly from our service team, we'd like to share details of the safe and hygienic practices we have in place at all three store locations, our office areas and warehouse, and all of our delivery vans. 

• Every work surface in every area of our collective workspace is being disinfected at least 3 times per day. This includes our shop counters, tables, display areas, desks, EFTPOS equipment, keyboards, mice, work benches, meeting areas, common areas including door knobs, light switches and all surfaces in our amenities.

• The internal space of every work van is disinfected daily, with our delivery and service staff wearing disposable gloves when handling customer goods, and disposing of them accordingly. 

• Work surfaces, shop counters, EFTPOS equipment and customer areas are also disinfected immediately after use when more than one person is accessing.

• All showroom, office and warehouse staff are wearing disposable gloves when handling any common equipment and customer goods, and disposing of them accordingly.

• All staff are practising social distancing with each other and anyone entering the store, adhering to safe distances as required. 

• Our delivery drivers and service technicians will ensure their safety practices also comply with your individual needs. Social distancing, wearing protective wear, and leaving goods at your designated place when requested. To discuss your specific requirements please contact our friendly staff prior to your expected delivery or service, to ensure your requests and concerns are addressed.

• All incoming inventory is quarantined, adhering to strict guidelines of the National Institutes of Health.

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