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Helping people is what we do best!

The Mid North Coast has certainly copped a beating from Mother Nature this year and its always a pleasure to be able to help a customer in need when we can. We had a beautiful client lose everything in the recent floods in Wingham and was contemplating moving interstate to be with family when her case Manager at Manning Support Services contacted our Taree team to see how we could help.

We were able to replace her iCare bed quickly and even waived the freight, shipping and handling fees as a small token of support - and we could deliver it on the day that she was able to move back in to her unit. This meant that our beautiful client could stay in the home she loved and she had enough funds in her budget to purchase the bed as well as replace some of the other items that were lost in the flood.

We love our community and we thank Steve at Manning Support Services for reaching out.


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