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How to Choose a Lift Chair

Electric Lift Chairs or ‘Rise & Recline Chairs’ are designed to help people stand from a seated position and/or assist people to recline the chair back and elevate their legs for either comfort or a medical condition.

Electric Lift Chair

By gently raising the chair up, the user can safely transfer on and off the chair from a partial or nearly standing position. The benefit of this is that it greatly assists those with poor shoulder, arm or hand strength and provides a stable base for instability or weak legs. The back recline and leg raise function allow a person to obtain an optimal seated position with the leg rest also elevated for comfort or to assist in circulation.

The benefits of using a lift chair may include:

  • Reduction in shoulder fatigue compared to manual recliners
  • Increase in functionality and wellbeing by assisting transfers
  • Correct posture with infinite seating positions
  • Leg elevation to assist in fluid reduction and promotion of circulation
  • Studies have proven that lift chairs maintain muscle tone as a result of lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration


Lift chairs come in a range of sizes from petite to extra extra large in a range of fabrics and colours to suit individual tastes. They also come with a choice of single or dual motors.

The main points to consider when choosing your lift chair are:

  • Correct chair sizing
  • Comfort
  • Single or dual motor
  • Your needs & abilities
  • Environmental factors – standard or wall saver model
  • Financial factors


When considering purchasing a lift chair, we believe that an assessment and trial process is critical to achieve a good outcome. We carry a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure you choose the correct model for your needs. With over 20 years of experience assisting clients with these products we are
confident in our ability to guide your through the wide range available.

Call us now to see how we can be of further assistance including obligation free trials in your home.

Correct Chair Sizing

Lift chairs are made in a range of sizes to suit different size people. It is important to get the correct size, ensuring correct posture is maintained and reducing the chances of pressure build up to the skin. Seat width and depth, seat height, backrest height, width and shape along with the length and height of armrest are all important to consider. Careful consideration of the weight capacity of the lift chair is also important.


As you will spend considerable time in your lift chair, ensuring comfort is important. All factors need to be considered but if you are not comfortable in your chair the benefits can be substantially reduced.

Single or Dual Motor

Single motor lift chairs have a single control operating the back recline whilst the leg rest is raised. The control has two buttons, up and down which can be easiest for those with poor cognitive abilities. 

Dual motor lift chairs generally have independent controls for the backrest and footrest. This enables the user to select a greater range of positions such as a straight backrest and elevated footrest. These chairs generally also recline further for people requiring a more horizontal position. Dual motor lift chairs will have four buttons, up and down for each of the two motors.

Users Needs and Abilities

Consideration needs to be given to the users ability to use a multi button control on a dual motor against a two button control on a single motor lift chair. Thought also needs to be given to the skin integrity of the user as fabric choice may have a bearing on outcomes. Some chairs come with two way stretch material and air bladders to assist in relieving pressure on the skin.

Correct assessment and fitting by trained professionals is advised to ensure the correct choice is made the first time.

Environmental Factors

Careful thought as to the position of the lift chair in the room is important. Standard one and two motor lift chairs require clearance behind the chair to allow the backrest to recline and must therefore be positioned away from the wall. To avoid this issue some chairs have a ‘space saver’ mechanism which
can be positioned as close as 15cm from the wall. The availability of a power supply close to the chair will ensure power cables do not create a trip hazard.

Financial Factors

We offer a wide range of lift chairs to suit all budgets. From standard single motor chairs to custom ordered Australian made chairs with pressure relieving covers with air bladders and memory foams.

Speak to one of our consultants today to find out the best solution for your needs and budget.

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