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The Joys of Companionship

Meet Thomas and Rex, bringing happiness to Jill and Terry, long time customers of Vital Living in Port Macquarie.

Jill and Terry have been gracing our store in Port Macquarie for many years, and when the Interactive Companion Pets joined our product range earlier this year their presence did not go unnoticed! Jill became the proud owner of Thomas the cat in April this year and it was only a matter of time before Terry decided he needed a little extra companionship as well, purchasing Rex the pup in September. They became the first of our loyal customers to own both kinds of the Interactive Companion Pets, so we decided to have a chat with them to find out how they discovered them, and why they just had to have them!

It was on a store visit back in March that the pets first grabbed the attention of Jill and Terry. For anyone that is familiar with visiting a Vital Living showroom, it is hard to ignore these friendly critters; they are on display out of the box and meow and bark responsivley to shoppers as they browse the store, their interactions triggered by movement. Once they grab your attention they become even more responsive when you interact with them, in fact we've not encountered a customer who hasn't been amazed by how engaging they can be. They almost have to be seen to be believed! And the fun truly begins when you touch them, as the cat purrs and rolls back for a tummy rub, and the pup shows excitement by wagging its tail.

Jill and Terry instantly fell in love with the cat variety, it was a "must have" at first sight.  Jill commented on how the interaction gave her a "good feeling", and they both mentioned how impressed they were with how engaging the pets were, especially the cat. On their next visit to the store they purchased a silver version of this cuddly companion, and Jill became one very happy owner of Thomas the cat. Jill describes Thomas as nice and smooth to pat and cuddle, he spends a great deal of time on her lap. Jill is most definitely attached to him! Of an evening when retiring for the night Thomas is set to purr, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere for Jill to fall asleep.

Within the following months it was Terry's turn to spoil himslef, and similar to Jill with the help of guardian approved funding he was also able to purchase an Interactive Companion Pet, becoming the proud owner of Rex the pup. According to Terry he believes "everyone should have one!" and he likes the fact that they are very low maintenance pets with no effort required, except perhaps the replacement of batteries. No vet bills or expenses to ever worry about!

Vital Living thank Jill and Terry for taking the time to share their joyous experience and happiness with us. We're truly thrilled they are enjoying their new found companions so much. For more information on these life changing pets check out the Interactive Companion Cat and the Interactive Companion Pup on our Daily Living Aids products page.


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