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What to look for in a pillow

A pillow should be designed to support your head and neck in a neutral position aligned with the rest of your spine. The necessary height of your pillow will vary depending on the position you sleep in, which depending on your spinal health, should either be your side or your back. Your pillow should provide lasting support to your head and neck, without continually needing to adjust your sleeping position to get comfortable. There should be no space between your neck and pillow. A good quality pillow will support your head and neck throughout the night allowing you to wake having a good night sleep feeling refreshed.

The iCare Difference
The iCare pillow range has been designed to suit a range of applications from pain management to alignment.
The main difference with the iCare pillows is the ActiveX™ material used. ActiveX™ is a high-grade elastic type foam that is responsive to temperature. This material will become softer as it becomes warmer. This allows the pillow to cradle the head and neck to the exact shape of the user.
Pillow Heights                                                                                                                                                         
Pillow heights are an extremely important factor when choosing a pillow. This has a lot to do with alignment of neck and spine and an incorrect height can cause pain and sleep stress. The Icare pillows have a range of differing heights and shapes to suit as many users as possible. It is also important to remember that a pillow should to matched to a new mattress as different immersion levels can change the suitable height of the pillow. Click here to learn about what makes iCare pillows different.


What to look for in a mattress

Mattresses also have a big impact on how we sleep and our ability to recover from illness or injury. When it comes to getting your beauty sleep a supportive, comfortable mattress is essential, no matter your age. However, for people with special needs, choosing the right mattress is about more than just comfort.
Vital Living supply a wide range of special needs mattresses including pressure reducing foam mattresses from Funke, to heat and pressure sensitive visco mattresses from iCare, designed to minimise the risk of pressure sores and provide relief from injury and strain. Our bariatric mattress are specifically designed to support weights of up to 300kg, while alternating air mattresses from Novis and mattress overlays form iCare relieve pressure for high-risk patients in hospital and care facilities.

Click here for information on the specifications and benefits of iCare mattresses

Click here for full details on therapeutic mattresses from Funke.

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