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Patient Handling Walk Belt

A walking belt for elderly and disabled people can help with walking and transfers to or from a sitting and standing position. Vital Living can provide patients and carers with a quality walking belt for safe handling and mobility. Our belt can help carers of individuals with injuries and disabilities, reducing the strain involved in transferring and transporting them.

Our walking belt for disabled and elderly people boasts padded and reinforced cutaway handles to maximise grip, comfort and ease. The inside is lined with a rubberised material that grips the user’s clothing, minimising slips and preventing accidents. It also comes with a buckle that enables easy tightening once the patient is standing for maximum stability and safety.

We also stock slide sheets, footstools, swivel cushions, swivel transfer seats, curved transfer boards and other aids that can be used in conjunction with a patient handling walk belt. You can also get a cordless monitor that detects if and when a patient tries to leave their bed unattended.

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