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Alternating Pressure Mattress

If you want to boost quality of sleep, the team at Vital Living offers alternating pressure mattress solutions that can help. Alternating air mattress and alternating pressure pads  are ideal for improving comfort and mitigating if not eliminating the risk of pressure ulcers  and bedsores for users with limited mobility.

Options that Suit the Weight of the Patient

An alternating pressure mattress for bedsores works by periodically applying and removing pressure so that no single area is exposed to pressure for too long. We offer alternating air pressure mattress solutions that suit the weight of the patient, including:

  • Alternating Mattress Overlay– An overlay mattress for high-end home and age care needs that features automatic weight sensing, providing optimum comfort and safety.
  • Alternating Mattress Replacement– A pressure relieving mattress overlay that’s easy to set up, has automatic weight sensing, and provides maximum comfort.
  • ProCair Mattress Replacement System– Can be used as a fully alternating pressure mattress or a hybrid foam mattress that suits the weight of the user.
  • ProCair Prime Mattress Replacement System– An advanced and easy-to-use mattress with fully automated operational features and safety features, available in single and king single models.
  • ProCair Plus Mattress Replacement System– A premium solution for high-risk patients, ensuring optimal therapy and comfort.

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