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Seating Pressure Care

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Sitting Pressure Care – Lumbar Support Cushion & More

People with mild to severe pressure relief needs can find high-quality skin protection products at Vital Living. With cushions that offer superior pressure distribution, friction reduction and moisture absorption to prevent muscular fatigue, alleviate pressure hot spots and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, Whether you need a tailbone cushion or prostate cushion, we have what you are looking for.

An Impressive Range of Products & Solutions

You can rely on us next time you need a gel or foam cushion for elderly or disabled use. Our range includes:

  • EquaGel Cushions– The EquaGel general cushion boasts great tensile and compression strength, while the EqualGel protector cushion relieves pressure in vulnerable areas. The EquaGel adjustable protector cushion is also available, which is contoured in the pelvic area to more evenly distribute weight and pressure.
  • Jay Cushions– We stock multiple Jay cushions, including basic cushions that are soft and mildly contoured for very low risk users who only need mild stability, anti-microbial zip cushions for paediatric clients, and ion cushions with a multi-layered foam base for users with moderate pressure relief and positioning needs. We can also provide solutions for high-risk users, including a Jay fusion cushion.
  • Peak Cushions– We offer Peak gel/foam cushions for everyday use, a wheelchair seat cushion that promotes correct posture, and a Coccyx cushion that has a unique cut out section to serve as an effective tailbone pain cushion.

We can also provide you with a gel seat cushion in Australia from Coolsion that relieves pain from prolonged sitting, a lumbar support cushion that reduces pressure on the back, or a seat pad to make any sitting surface more comfortable.

Enquire Today

Browse our lumbar support cushion range and Click & Collect in-store to save some time! Or pop in to visit our friendly, knowledgeable staff at our  Port Macquarie, Forster, Taree or Kempsey Showrooms and they can answer any questions you may have about our range of products.

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