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Walking Frames

For individuals who require help to maintain balance and stability while walking, mobility frames can provide the extra support required. Vital Living offers walking frames for disabled and elderly people, making it easier to walk and maintain mobility and independence. Our mobility walking frames can address individual needs and help to enhance overall quality of life.

Multiple Options Available

You’ll find the following options in our range of walkers:

  • Folding Pickup Frame – A lightweight aluminium walking frame with adjustable height, soft hand grips, rubber tips, and simple side-fold for quick and easy storage.
  • Wheeled Walking Frame – Folding walking frames with 2 wheels on the front legs and ski glides on the rear, along with the aforementioned features.

In addition, we have numerous rollator walking frames available that are more sophisticated than a conventional walker and are ideal for those who are more easily fatigued.

Enquire Today

For help choosing from our range of walking frames, contact Vital Living today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about our products and how they can help to improve lives.

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