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Wheelchairs - Manual

Our Manual Wheelchair Range

Are you looking for a top-quality manual wheelchair with which to get out and about? At Vital Living, we offer self-propelled and attendant propelled solutions for people with long-term mobility issues or health conditions. Our wheelchairs can maintain or increase your independence, allowing you to get out and enjoy life for greater overall wellbeing. Our attendant and self-propelled wheelchairs come in various designs to help you find the perfect option for your specific requirements.

Attendant-Propelled Wheelchairs

Our attendant-propelled wheelchair products are designed to be pushed by a carer or attendant. These are ideal for people who are always accompanied by a loved one or healthcare professional when out and about. We have lightweight options that are foldable for easy transportation and storage, making it easier to enjoy a day out or go on a shopping trip. They also come with many features such as lap belts, brakes and footrests for maximum safety and comfort.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Our self-propelled wheelchair solutions are designed for users to manoeuvre themselves without the need for assistance from a carer or attendant. They’re simple to use and suitable for people who still have the use of their upper body. In addition, they’re more compact than power chairs.

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